Degree Information

Steps on how to obtain an AOS degree with EMSTA College:

1. Graduate from EMSTA’s Paramedic Training Program and provide 17 semester units for general education requirements. 

2. Register online for degree processing. Address provided on the application will be used for mailing the AOS degree.

3. Make degree processing payment of $50.00 after submitting registration online. Degree will not be processed without payment.

4. Provide official transcripts for 17 semester units or the equivalent in applied general education course work that involve the application of principles and concepts in communications, humanities and fine arts, mathematics, natural and physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and technology to the practical affairs of allied health professionals. EMSTA College will matriculate students who provide general education transcripts from other institutions. Only courses with a final grade of “C” or “70%” or higher will be accepted. Please reference “General Education Requirements” for a list of approved classes.  Send official transcripts or general education certificate directly to EMSTA College.

Official Transcripts or General Education Certificate must be provided
for degree evaluation.

Please mail official transcripts directly to:

EMSTA College.
11489 Woodside Ave.
Santee, CA 92071
Attn: Degrees

Total Cost: $50 – EMSTA will only accept debit/credit card for payment. Payment is due for transcript evaluation and degree processing.  

General Education Requirements