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San Diego County Local Emergency Medical Services Agency (LEMSA), who has recognized EMSTA College as a leader in pre-hospital education and training, maintains that the school is an advocate for the development of quality EMS care.   We strive to positively impact the local EMS community by continually monitoring the effectiveness of our teaching methodology with each program we offer.  EMSTA College offers Emergency Medical Educational and Allied Health programs to meet the needs of the general community at large. 


  • Tuition Increase Announced
    EMSTA is increasing tuition for the EMT and Paramedic Training Programs, effective January 1, 2018 as follows: EMT: $1,200 Paramedic Training: $12,000

Now Enrolling!!

Paramedic Class 27

When: Sep 11 2017
Time:M-W-F 9 am - 5pm

Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedic Class 28

When: Aug 29 - Oct 19 2017
Time:Tues and Thurs 9 am - 1pm

Paramedic Prep for Paramedic Class 28

When: Oct 24 - Nov 16
Time:Tue and Thur 9am - 5pm

Interviews for Paramedic Class 28

When: Dec 4 - Dec 8
Time:by appointment

EMT Refresher

When: Sep 8,9,15,16
Time:8:30am first day, 9am - 6pm subsequent days

EMT 8 Week Class

When: Aug 28 - Oct 19 2017

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