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EMT 8wk Night – FULL

The EMT Basic course is a hands-on, interactive experience. Upon successful completion of this course (202 hours lecture and field/clinical), and the NREMT Exam the student will be Nationally Certified and can apply to become certified at the state and local level. This can lead to employment in a wide range of job opportunities in the Pre-hospital (Ambulance, Fire Dept. etc.) and hospital settings as well as other healthcare related careers.

During the course students are required to do either (2)  12 hour ride alongs with an ambulance crew transporting patients or (1) 8 hour hospital emergency room observation and 16 hours of ride-along shifts.  Some companies have 8 hour, 10 hour and 12 hour shift assignments.  You may participate in any of these as long as you meet the course minimum requirement of 24 hours for field experience.  During these clinical times, students perform patient assessments and assist with patient care (including CPR, C-Spine Immobilization, airway management, etc.)

The curriculum is based on NREMT, National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards, and Title 22 for the State of California. The course is 202 hours; including field/clinical experience.

EMT-Basic classes are open to the public. Our accelerated classes are taught by working, seasoned Paramedics who bring a taste of the field into the classroom by sharing their real life experiences.

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All students must purchase textbooks at EMSTA College on the day of orientation. EMSTA College does not accept used textbooks or textbooks purchased from a separate source. Please feel free to contact us at 619-593-6782 with any questions regarding textbooks and materials

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