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April 9, 2013

Paramedic Field Preceptors waive their instructor fees to support Rady Children’s Hospital.

EMSTA College has donated thousands of dollars in instructor fees to Rady Children’s Hospital (RCH) in lieu of instructor’s fees for local Paramedic Field Preceptors. Donations were made in the name of Preceptors who have worked with paramedic interns during their field internships.

A Paramedic Preceptor is a professional in the field who supervises and instructs paramedic interns after they have completed the Paramedic training and clinical field work. Preceptors play an important role in the future of a Paramedic student. The 3 month Field Internship is the last step in the students training before they graduate and become certified Paramedics. EMSTA College continues their commitment to the highest standard of excellence and compassion in the field of emergency medicine.


August 2013:

EMSTA College is offering an Advanced EMT course to qualified students in the San Diego Area. The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) Course is a step between the EMT – Basic and EMT Paramedic levels (it will replace the EMT- I by 2013). The 3 week training is a comprehensive program consisting of both classroom (didactic), skills lab, clinical (hospital observation) and field (ambulance observation) components.  This course is designed to familiarize the students in the procedures associated with the practice of the AEMT including skills such as advanced airway management (intubation), intravenous medication and fluid replacement, administration of intramuscular medications, and other advanced skills. In addition to this simulated training the students will work in hospitals and ride along on ambulance calls for real life experiences in the community. Once the student becomes certified s/he will use this training on the job in rural communities where the terrain may be difficult for travel by ambulance.

AEMT graduates will be certified to start an IV line, check blood sugars and administer medications in an emergency situation when time is critical. The addition of this training will greatly impact our community by providing crucial critical care to patients that need immediate medical attention in an area that cannot be reached by ambulance and/or helicopter. We are fortunate to have this training here in San Diego County. The more EMTs certified in AEMT could result in a greater number of lives being saved in our community.
EMSTA College is well known for their innovative teaching techniques and forward thinking models of training. This program is unique to San Diego and will include students from different agencies including Border Patrol, Forest Service as well as agencies from out lying areas, such as Imperial Valley and the Anza Borrego State Desert.

February 26, 2013 - Collaborative Training for Nursing and Paramedic Students

EMSTA College and Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) have partnered in an innovative collaboration between Nursing and Paramedic Students to encourage positive patient outcomes in critical care. On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 students from EMSTA College’s Paramedic Training Program and PLNU’s nursing students will participate in multiple scenarios that often cause stress.

While this is not the first of its kind, this partnership is unique to the San Diego area and has been proven to benefit patient outcomes overall. The Institute of Medicine (2003) and the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (2011) have considered interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration as significant components to quality and safe patient care.

These exercises are designed to inspire paramedic and nurse interaction and develop a working relationship between both specialties The training will include radio protocol between Paramedics and Nursing Staff at the Base Hospital, including best practices and communication for pre- hospital to Emergency Room patient care. Instructors from both programs will focus on interprofessional communications and decision making processes for care to critical patients under stressful circumstances.

Studies have shown that collaborations of this kind benefit both nursing and paramedic students in professional care and self confidence according to research done by Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Roanoke, VA (Staykova 2008). Collaborations between Nursing and Paramedic students will result in team based care that will benefit both industries by providing balance and a model for best practices in critical care. Most importantly, the outcomes improve quality of care and positive patient outcomes within the community.

Photos and video will be available on the facebook page

June 7, 2012
Sidewalk CPR Event
EMSTA College Paramedic Interns participated in the Sidewalk CPR demonstration with more than 500 students at Steele Canyon High School. EMSTA Students demonstrated basic CPR skills with students in a Countywide Campaign to teach people the skills necessary to save a life in the critical minutes until EMS responders arrive on scene. For more information about Sidewalk CPR go to the San Diego Health and Human Services website at To see the demonstration click the link below or visit EMSTA College TV on You Tube:

Letter From the President, Rick Foehr
It is with tremendous pride that I congratulate Matt Shields on winning the Hoffman Paramedic Scholarship in December last year. EMSTA College paramedic students have been the recipient of this coveted award for two years in a row now and that is an achievement that speaks volumes about the quality of students who enroll in our program. EMSTA College strives to attract those students who will become successful in their endeavors and we work with them to achieve their goals. This Scholarship will help Matt offset some of the expenses incurred while attending a private school, which should give him a little breathing room while he navigates his way through the didactic portion of the program.

I wish him well and feel confident that he will excel in his studies. I look forward to help place him in the fire service upon his graduation from the program.

Advanced EMT Training for U.S. Border Patrol Agents in San Diego... (read more)



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