EMSTA Paramedic Class 26 Graduation!

EMSTA College is proud to announce the graduation of Paramedic Class 26, graduating 16 of the 23 who enrolled. The ceremony commenced March 29, 2018 at the Ronald Reagan Community Center in downtown El Cajon, CA at 4:00 PM.

Rick Foehr, EMSTA’s co-owner and Program Director, officiated over the ceremony with guest speakers from the Faculty and student body: Rodney Geilenfeldt, Paramedic Clinical Coordinator; Kim Keener, Primary Instructor and Dan Schaeffer, Class President.  EMSTA’s Medical Director, Dr. Pete Witucki was called to duty at the hospital and was unable to attend as a result.  He was missed but not forgotten, as Dan’s speech at the end of the ceremony attested. Dan’s speech was special, in that he addressed and thanked everyone in Administration, adding a thoughtful prayer at the conclusion of his speech.  It was very touching.

The graduating class made a special presentation to Kim to show their appreciation for all of her hard work, especially after the class ended – she routinely stayed late to give one-on-one tutoring to anyone who asked for her help.

All graduates received a course completion certificate, with one graduate, Aidan Smith, receiving his Associates in Occupational Sciences degree.  All graduates may receive an AOS degree after submitting an official transcript of 17 units of General Education, as outlined on our website.

This graduation was the largest turnout in school history, with all 250 seats occupied by friends, relatives, EMSTA instructors, teaching assistants, mentors, preceptors, and members of our current Class 28, who got a glimpse of where they want to be when it’s their turn to graduate a year from now.

Rick stated that this was one of the largest graduating classes in school history, including five grads from previous classes, making it a total of 21 grads (two grads were unable to attend due to work requirements).